Harvard Day 3, part 2…the CHALLENGE!

1 Jul

Ok…so you’ve chosen 4 people with whom to have dinner. Each of your guests has a constructive critical comment for you. In other words, these are people you value, and they are going to tell you how to fix the work you do with one piece of advice. So, that piece of advice is the one thing that person, and probably some others who know you, think you should correct about yourself.

I hope you’ve chosen honestly. I didn’t set the norms, but the obvious norm, if this challenge is to work is to be totally honest with yourself.

Write down on a piece of paper (seriously, write it down on paper) the exact thing that person would say to you…

I won’t give you examples because this person knows you and this feedback is personal. It’s the look you exchange.

Write it down as a quote. What would that person you value say you need to fix about the way you operate?

(Unfortunately, I am now stuck in this process, but it is worth it if only one person responds. Why? This process will change the way you look in the mirror. It is time to be honest my friends…if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, if you glance and look away, if your brow frowns immediately, then you need this challenge…it’s time to be honest with your goals….Does anyone who wants Michigan City to change doubt that now is the time? Let’s work together…take the challenge!)

I’ll give a full summary of the amazing stuff going on at Harvard when we embrace the challenge…one of the more inspiring things about this institute is…the group picture…wait ’til you see the future of American Education Leadership!!! SO promising, and OUR kids need to see it!!!




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