Further reflections on Day 4 with Dr. Howard

12 Jul

I’ve decided to leave some tidbits from Dr. Howard’s presentation that struck me…
–Under-performance can be contagious.
–We are responsible for managing the development of children.
–Undeveloped people are not free.
–Efficacy is the capacity to mobilize adults and children to develop.
–Academic Proficiency is ‘Do they know it, and Can they use it?’, Character Proficiency is –‘Do they know it and Can they show it?’
–Effort is the basis of development, not innate intelligence.
–Motivate people, or you are unmotivated!
–Never tolerate; Some get it and some don’t!
–Don’t say “You’re smart!” Say, “You are working really hard!”
–Those who believe they can do it, will.
–We debilitate student efforts with our judgment of their inability to learn.
–FADAF-Failure And Difficulty Are Feedback.

Take some time to think about these things…!


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